Armed with hands-on experience of running Bishaud Bangla (, a small-scale arts organization of different ilk, for over nine years, a dedicated group of artists, academics and arts admirers from the cross-section of the society got together in early 2014 to form a non-profit Trust called Chittagong Arts Trust and undertook its first project of building build a modern and multifaceted Arts Facility named Bistaar: Chittagong Arts Complex.

An exceptional state-of-the art campaign was launched thereafter over the internet, known as Crowd Funding, to raise the seed money needed, from our own network of friends, family and well-wishers. We are very pleased to pronounce that as a first venture of this kind in the country, we were actually able to make this campaign a resounding success by raising the targeted amount. We take this opportunity to thank those one hundred and sixty five donors from fifteen countries around the world who came forward to uphold and support our cause. To know more about them and their contribution in this campaign, please feel free to visit the following link:

With the money raised, we rented a spacious apartment in the heart of the city and converted it into an attractive and intimate arts space which opened its doors on 16th of December last year as a celebration of our glorious Victory Day. We commenced our artistic activities on a very befitting day, the 29th of December, 2014, the birth-centenary of the father of the modern art of Bangladesh, Zainul Abedin, by hosting a group painting exhibition of the post-graduate students of the Chittagong Fine Arts Institute. Since then we have organized a host of other interesting and valuable arts events, both indoors and outdoors, and are determined to continue this practice in the years to come in order to turn Bistaar into a truly effective and prestigious arts organization, Chittagong can feel proud of.