Bistaar: Chittagong Arts Complex, the ultimate arts destination in Chittagong,

aspires to be a complete arts organization committed to bringing about a positive change in the arts scene of the city. At the same time it plans to organize and offer professionally managed quality arts events in the city for the arts-loving citizens on a regular basis with an aim to create a lasting impact on the overall wellbeing of the society.

Upcoming Events :-

Event Photos:-

Welcome To Bistaar!

Bistaar strives to bring together the artists and art-lovers of the city in a common platform with an intention to promote the local arts in the national and international arena. Its ultimate goal, however, is to create a permanent and viable venue for the local arts community equipped with exhibition room, studio and performance space; a well planned regular event menu including workshops, lecture series, educational courses and above all a vibrant and stimulating meeting place for the creative minds .

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